For commercial drones and ancillary business activities, the following general types of insurance coverage should be considered: (1) liability, (2) personal injury, (3) privacy torts, (4) property, and (5) workers’ compensation.

Any company flying drones as part of its business model faces a wide range of risks which can cause serious damage or injury to persons and property, as well as damage to the drone itself. Insurance policies are essentially contracts and typically contain a specific exclusion for claims related to the use of “aircraft.”

Whether a drone constitutes an aircraft in this context is an unsettled issue and that uncertainty echoes throughout the realm of drone insurance.

A solid blog post from Fox Rothschild LLP, a new or recent entry to the fray. Notable because of the absence of cyber and E&O exposure. Will be interesting to see what a court does when “a drone is not an aircraft” case finally comes to trial.


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