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The last time this company took inventory they ONLY surveyed 1/2 of the piles, it took 2 full days of data acquisition (not yet processed into useful information) and ultimately involved 4 different people in those 2 days (2 to survey and 2 “bosses”). In this test, I utilized a DJI Phantom 3 Professional

In this test, I utilized a DJI Phantom 3 Professional “drone”, it’s included camera, and just myself to fly and capture. This test literally took 10 minutes to fly a pre-programmed flight path , a few hours to process in the “cloud” (could be much faster, or slower, depending on subscription plan or software) and then several hours for me to extract that information and put it into a useable document package.

From starting the flight to information package delivery, it took (just myself) @ 2 workdays to know, and relay, the volume of EVERY pile.

Nathan in an architect and was an early correspondent in search of insurance. This is
a very compelling case study comparing what he was able to do with current SOP at a rock
material stockyard. Pretty compelling delta.

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