Be careful out there folks, its 107 feeding frenzy time.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and that’s exactly what the FAA is doing by not rolling out fair regs fast. Its leaving gaps for folks to fill. Jason Koebler over on Motherboard called out dodgy practices that are rife earlier today.

I’m going to park a couple of videos, you read sUAS News [Ed Note which I am guessing means that you are discerning and have a functioning BS detector] I will let you make your own minds up.

Drone Command Live Is the Ultimate Drone Event

You Will Receive Everything You Need to Start and Run a Profitable Drone Business!

Are you ready to start making real money with your drone? Are you aware that the Drone Industry is still in its infancy, yet it is one of the fastest growing industry’s in the world. It is projected to become a multi-billion dollar industry in a few years, and according to a Business Insider special report, the “Most growth in the drone industry is on the commercial/civilian side.”

Timing couldn’t be more perfect for private citizens like you to launch their new business flying drones. There are literally dozens of ways to make money using a drone. But only the savviest entrepreneurs and the fastest action takers will be able to position themselves to profit from this incredibly timed opportunity.

Woo hoo. I do love a parade and Gary Mortimer is on a roll this week. You won’t even believe the rest of the come on. Next up will no doubt be an infomercial…



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