We’re still very much exploring the best ways to use drones but one Japanese company may have found the most beautiful way to fly them yet.

Shibuya-based MicroAd covered 20 drones with over 16,000 LEDs to create a gorgeous ariel dance in the shadow of iconic Mt. Fuji. The lights, music and movement of the drones all work together in time to create an ethereal experience, and one that we’d love to see more of. Although the video was produced as a demo of what this technology can do, it’s a great video in its own right.

Beneath a dark sky, the drones are lit up in sequence as a group of Shamisen players strum a soundtrack that brings the entire performance to life. The drones dance through the air and almost resemble a shoal of deep-sea creatures as they drift across the face of the mountain.

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This was done so by utilising more than 20 units of these flying machines, flight swarming formations, music, and 16,500 LED lights to combine into a single audio-visual extravaganza. Furthermore, we are able to control the flying machines, visual and audio aspects concurrently, using the DMX512.

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Performance artists around the world continue to push the envelope finding new ways to create extravagant light shows to delight and amaze. Love the headline on this story “The most mesmerising video you’ll watch all week.” It just may be.

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