Technavio’s market research study identifies the following top three emerging trends for the global commercial-purpose drones market:

+ Growing capital funding for drone technology
+ Use of drones in advertising
+ Rapid technological advances

With advances in drone technology and governments relaxing laws related to drones, advertising agencies worldwide have started experimenting with possibilities of drone advertising. They are developing drones that can fly billboards and drop promotional articles such as t-shirts, etc.

Coca-Cola, for example, recently teamed up with non-profit organisation Singapore Kindness Movement to deliver care packages via drones to Singapore’s neglected migrant construction workers. The care packages had photos of Singapore citizens holding signs thanking laborers for building their city along with cans of Coca-Cola.

I find this to be an interesting list. Growing capital funding is an easy one, just extend the trend line from 2014 through 15 and you are going vertical. Rapid technological advances is a gimme though they have some surprising ideas about things like nano drones. But advertising, now there is an eye opener.

Here is a case study.

Read more at BusinessWire

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