There have been a ton of changes to the regulatory landscape in the US over the last year. The FAA rolled out its plans to create a new standard for commercial drones and now requires every consumer who is flying a drone to register with the government.

Schulman gave us his take on why the model aircraft community is challenging the new rules, and how those challenges might play out in court. He also tried to tease out the way sensational journalism might end up stifling the drone industry. Schulman argues that while drones have saved far more lives than they have taken in the last year, the press tend to focus on crashes and privacy scares.

Interesting interview with Brendan Schulman – a RC hobbyist turned DJI lobbyist. He makes the point that DJI is celebrating its 10th anniversary (who knew) and that they estimate that their products log some 3,000,000 hours a month…
All of course with zero fatalities.
Whereas there is an average of 1.5 fatalities every 100,000 hours in private aviation, dryly noting that “we’ve accepted that risk.”


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