dji partners with apple

Being “Appleesque” is fine. The company has brilliant marketing. But what shocks us is the exclusivity of the partnership. The new DJI Phantom 4 will be available for preorders later today on the Apple website, and will be an Apple Store exclusive through March 23rd.

Retail stores however, will not begin to see the Phantom 4 until March 15th. Though this will probably mean more profits for DJI, it leaves many smaller boutique drone resellers out to dry.

It is tough enough to compete with large Amazon stores, let alone Apple. How does the saying go…”You can never go home…”

Right down to the big event though they still have a way to go on the staging… But this is big news that is going to hurt a lot of retailers. Interesting first Beats and now DJI – forget about cars, is Apple on the way to being the world’s best toy store? See more of the event on the DJI Twitter feed.


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