Today’s economies are dramatically changing, triggered by development in emerging markets, the accelerated rise of new technologies, sustainability
policies, and changing consumer preferences around ownership.

Digitization, increasing
automation, and new business models have revolutionized other industries, and automotive will be no exception.

These forces are giving rise to four disruptive technology-driven trends in the automotive sector:

  • diverse mobility,

  • autonomous driving,

  • electrification,

  • connectivity

Admittedly a little heavy but the parallels in development between the automotive and UAV space are too striking not to dive in.
Add to that the $4B the Obama administration is looking to put up to move things along, and the huge amount of attention at CES and there is no doubt this is a disruption that is already shaking things up.
What’s could go wrong – oh how about this? Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the government would remove hurdles to developing autonomous vehicles and set further guidelines for them within six months.

From www.mckinsey.com

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