9feb20162The assembly will have the ability to project still photographs or video images, according to the application. The assembly contains a rear projection screen that is a “sheet of porous material such as polypropylene mesh’ that will allow airflow through ” while also having adequate opaqueness to function as an RP screen.”

Also included is a wide angle reflector, such as a parabolic mirror. This is designed to reflect light from the projector onto the “rear surface of the rear-projection screen and this will generate a displayed image.”

Disney said the projection assembly “is configured to provide a way of radically expanding the palette of the aerial display” to include “all manner of imagery and effects.”

This is one of three patents that Disney Imagineering has filed for. Interesting to think about how big this is, how bright the light source is and how much power it all takes. Should be quite a show.

From www.uasvision.com

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