IDC research manager Jean Xiao says it will be very difficult for them [new drone manufacturers] to overtake DJI through partnerships with chip companies, which are turning their attention to the drone market as smartphone sales slow.China’s aerial photography drone shipment is expected to reach 390,000 units by end of this year, according to IDC, who also estimates that the number could skyrocket to 3 million over the next three years as drones become mainstream from a niche hobbyist product. Globally the entire drone market, which reached $7 billion last year, could grow to $37 billion by 2022, according to Lexington-based
Wintergreen Research.

“There are several dozen Chinese companies doing similar things but they still face a lot of hurdles before mass production,” Xiao says. “The supply chain of drones is very complicated and drone technologies have a very high entry barrier.”

I am running this story because I am struggling with the numbers. How do 390,000 drones add up to a $7B global market? Who is building the rest of them? And how many are there.



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