The guys from Angler’s Alibi really know their way around a camera! This video shows what we sometimes forget – that Alaska is the best place on Earth for salmon fishing.

Angler’s Alibi was really able to showcase the kind of fishing experience they can offer, as well as get up close to some of Alaska’s unique wildlife with the drone. The combination of epic aerial shots, silhoutted anglers swinging flies to seemingly endless pods of migrating salmon, and of course a few close ups of some massive Chinook salmon make for the best kind of fishing video. Anybody catch those trout hitting that roe at 2:15?

This is a promo video for a guide service in Alaska. Whoever shot this took their time. They got a great selection of shots, then put in some hours in the edit suite. The result is a video that really makes the dream of going to Alaska to chase big fish
come alive.
I have never seen fish porn quite like this – I think it works because the aerials give you a tremendous sense of place so you can put yourself in the experience. Yeah I see where they are, yep I can make that cast, I see how that works. Check out the shot at 3:17 – that is some kind of lucky shot.
There are some quibbles like the GoPro ‘guppy vision’, but if you love to fish this will get your motor started and make the phone ring – and that’s the point of the exercise.



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