Florian Pircher

Drone Airspace Management (DAM), a drone membership organisation aimed at small and medium sized operators in the UAS market, has launched a new website: www.droneairsp.com.

“DAM is like an association but with an entrepreneurial twist,” says, Avery Brown, a principal at DAM. “DAM will be a community with collective power to shape the growing drone industry, but our main mission is to get our members’ technology into the Air.”

Unlike AUVSI, the differentiator for DAM is its monetisation platform. DAM offers funding and partnering strategies based on the technology capabilities of each member, intending to help through R&D testing and introductions to the UAS commercial market. Some of these funding strategies will include grant and debt financing options.

Welcome to the party – sounds like a very interesting approach that will benefit a lot of “garages” and start-ups. Staying tuned for some breakthrough ideas!

From dronetech.news

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