CX Success in 2016 - look no further than Lily!

This is how you do customer experience in 2016. Lily, Inc. my new CX obsession showing how to do customer experience right throughout the entire customer lifecyle and create zealots from day one, even before they have the product in
their hands.

In a world where VW cheats emissions via software hacks, and untold number of poor experiences are hidden from customers and media alike – Lily realizes that Humans seek authentic Human relationships and transparency and honesty will out weigh any kind of marketing spin to hide the ugly.

I’ve already given them my dollars as an early purchaser and I’d be happy to wait a little bit longer while they get the product right for me – versus rushing to market to hit an artificial date only to disappoint the true believers like myself.

Stumbled across this on LinkedIn. Posted by Brad Smith who is a friend and client – he was the SVP of Customer Experience at Sage. So this is some nice props indeed! Though sad to say apparently things aren’t going all that well in Lilyville according to this new report.


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