cover of UAV Show Asia 2016 brochure

“Asia is expected to be the largest regional manufacturer of UAVs in the world over the next decade.”

1-2 September 2016
Suntec Convention Centre

Asian countries, because of their economic and geographic conditions, present a distinct set of problems and obstacles:

• Ambiguous and sometimes incoherent regulatory frameworks.

• Country borders that are vast, remote and comprised of many islands.

• Natural disasters happen far too frequently, affecting large populations or remote locations.

• A large mining and oil and gas industry that requires security and surveying solutions.

• A significant agricultural industry that needs to become more efficient.

• Large densely populated cities that require surveillance, security and emergency services.

• Unique and endangered wildlife that needs protecting.

UAVs are a credible solution to all of these problems.

In 2016 the show will be run alongside The IoT Show Asia, bringing you an overview of game changing technologies across Asian industry.

I am pleased to announce that is a media partner for the show. I’d like to draw your attention to a few important aspects of the program.
  1. The headline – Asia will be the manufacturing hub for most recreational and commercial drones. What remains to be seen is how much innovation is done in Asia. This is a big challenge we touched on last week in The Real DJI Miracle.
  2. There is a large cast of speakers including keynoters from Cisco and the FAA – inevitably some of them will no doubt become important in the US market.
  3. The keynote topics are among the most innovative I have seen on a conference agenda. Love the idea of Connecting Everything: How UAV Can Be Integrated as Part of the IoT Solutions in Building Smart Cities in Asia. This is a very big idea I helped launch at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 that almost no one is even aware of in the US – very interesting to add drone capabilities. Nice bridge between the two groups of attendees too.
    Making this talk even better is that Biren Gandhi, Distinguished Strategist, Corporate Strategy Office, Cisco is one of the presenters. Watch the video – Biren is flat out brilliant

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