Commercial Drones 2015 Year In Review

What should we expect in 2016?
I said this last year, and I’ll say it again. A lot depends on the forthcoming small drone rule from the FAA. If it looks at all like the NPRM, then the U.S. commercial market should expect moderate growth—but there will be winners and losers. If the FAA changes it, for example lowers the altitude ceiling from 500 feet above ground level to 200 feet, then growth will be seriously hampered.

You can find more of our 2015 insights on these SlideShare presentations. I’m always interested to hear your thoughts and insights about the commercial
drone market.

An amusing piece from Colin Snow, the Drone Analyst. If you’re wondering, each movie poster is a section heading – so Casino Royale: Venture Capital.
Terrifying to think that despite all of the hoopla the FAA can still put the whole thing in the ditch… The Slideshare deck is well worth a look. It is notable because it is one of the few things I have seen linking drones and the IoT.


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