Commercial Drone Implementation Strategy

There’s simply nothing like showcasing the reality of what it means for an individual or organization to actually use drones.

Being able to discuss the challenges and concerns that relate to the formation and implementation of a drone strategy is the main reason Commercial UAV News has partnered with the to create the 2017 Commercial UAV Implementation Survey.

The survey is designed to explore in detail what these challenges look like, and help bring to light issues that professionals are working through. These details can mean the difference between seeing a quantifiable ROI or a determination that drones are not a fit for an organization, both of which could have very little to do with UAV technology itself.

Christopher Korody, the principal at, has been conducting market research programs since 2000 and is set to fully explore the challenges and issues that professionals have been dealing with which relate to how they can, have or want to implement a drone program. Where is an organization with their drone implementation? Are they currently using drones in the way they’d like to be using them? What are some of the biggest challenges they’ve encountered? These are the kinds of questions and answers the survey is looking to detail
and document.

Korody will have a booth at the Commercial UAV Expo where he is set to gather attendee input about their challenges and concerns. The insights he assembles from attendees will help determine what questions and topics the survey highlights and will lead into other projects and articles that will further define this critical issue.

As great as it is to connect with experts in this space around the opportunities UAVs will create for users, there’s simply nothing like showcasing the reality of what it means for an individual or organization to actually use drones. One of the concepts that comes up over and over is around how drones shouldn’t be thought of as a solution that’s going to solve every problem on a project, but instead as tools that create options and alternatives. Outlining what those options and alternatives actually look like will do more to define the future of the industry than any new technological development.

The survey will be launched in early 2017. Participants will be the first to receive a report detailing all of the findings. Regardless of the size of your commercial drone program, we’d love to get your feedback as we explore the present and chart the future of what it means to implement a successful commercial drone strategy and program.

Please sign up now and we will contact you when the survey goes live.

2017 Commercial UAV Implementation Survey

I am delighted to announce the launch of the 2017 Commercial UAV Implementation Survey, a joint study by and Commercial UAV News. It is my great pleasure to partner with Jeremiah Karpowicz, the Executive Editor of CUAV News, CUAV Expo Group Director Lisa Murray and Diversified Media on this incredible project which has the potential to make a significant difference to the entire community.
The survey is focused on organizations of all kinds –  enterprise, government agencies and NGO’s. Every organization has its own unique mission, and each will have its own reasons to consider integrating drones.
That said, we know that every organization faces similar issues. From where the program lives within the organization, to how it is managed, funded and staffed. From who the pilots are, to how they are trained and what they fly. From how the birds and sensors are chosen, to how they are maintained and insured. The list goes on but our goal is simple – we want to find out what works best so that we can share it with all of you.
I will be at Commercial UAV Expo with a booth on the show floor getting input from attendees to inform the survey design. I hope to see you there. We invite your participation. If you can’t make it, please sign up now so that we can notify you when the survey goes live in 2017.



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