DJI Phantom quadcopter

On February 15, the White House issued a presidential memorandum signed by President Barack Obama providing privacy guidelines that
federal agencies should follow in their use of UAS, more popularly known as drones. The memorandum also directed that NTIA establish a stakeholder process “to develop and communicate best practices for privacy, accountability, and transparency issues” for non-government drone users.

The stakeholder process intends to “promote transparent UAS operation by companies and individuals. Transparent operation can include identifying the entities that operate particular UAS, the purposes of UAS flights, and the data practices associated with UAS operations,” according to the draft notice. Privacy may be ensured through mechanisms such as “standardized physical markings or electronic identifiers” as well as “accountability mechanisms” for training and oversight of UAS pilots and rules companies and individuals should follow in handling the data drones collect.

Now the complexity of what lies ahead becomes a bit more apparent.


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