AVweb logoAs the Christmas buying frenzy ramps up, the fairly recent and by now evidently perennial fear of drones seems to have its own season.

At NBAA last month, for a reason I can’t seem to recall, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta told the assembled biz folks that as many as 700,000 drones will be sold by Christmas. It could just as well be 1.2 million or 200,000. Nobody really has a clue because nobody tracks this stuff with confidence. But just any large number tossed out there does the job of igniting mindless fear.

As Christmas Droneageddon is upon us, the FAA has seized the opportunity to again demonstrate its prowess at the fine art of nonexecution. …The Christmas buying season is already in full swing and registration isn’t set up yet. My guess is it won’t be for some time. Furthermore, the FAA announced last spring an interactive app called B4UFLY. Another good idea. But, you guessed it, it’s not available either.

A couple of weeks ago, we published a survey asking readers if they would register their drones. Of the 256 people who replied, 50 percent said they likely would not register. That, my friends, is civil disobedience on an industrial scale. I just hope that when the FAA finally gets the registration system running, it will be simple and expedient.

Well thought through piece from editor Paul Bertorelli calling for some science on the drone strike issue instead of hysteria. Now there is a novel idea. As for the barbs and zingers, I couldn’t have said it better – or had more fun saying it.

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