Inspecting the tower base is the most difficult thing for the maintenance personnel. There are about 3,500 rural tower bases at high mountains which are greater than 1000 meters height.
MMC will develop a multirotor UAV with a 100kg payload, water hose and power cord attached to it so it could fight fire.

We want to fight fire the goes off on higher floors of tall buildings and skyscrapers. With the UAV that will carry 100 kilograms of payload (water) we will be able to save incredible number of lives.

MMC Spider series unmanned aerial vehicles are made specifically for power line stringing. The most affordable power line stringing way that can help you to improve your cabling efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety.

These are disjointed excerpts from the MMC website. A website that is absolutely worth a look because MMC has taken the use of drones to the next level.
Focusing exclusively on industrial applications, the company is developing purpose-built drones to carry out specific tasks high above the ground. This is not about getting a camera or sensor to some vantage point, but rather literally transporting things in the way that one does with a helicopter: water and fertilizer to be sprayed, wires to be strung and the like.
This is a highly innovative company with a fresh take on things. Keep an eye on them.




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