John Chambers slide
John Chambers slide

John Chambers was among the speakers kicking off AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL 2016 conference in New Orleans. During his talk, Chambers shared The Top 7 Mistakes Enterprises Make with Drones, and Cisco’s Biren Gandhi posted a slide from that presentation via Twitter.

Chambers advised against:

  1. Starting with the drone…not the business opportunity
  2. Underestimating IT implications… data to right person
  3. Forgetting to tie drones into overall Digitization (IoT) Strategy
  4. Failing to understand regulations
  5. Believing manual flight is safe and sufficient
  6. Operating with insufficient safety and compliance controls
  7. Selecting a solution without adequate security
This is an interesting list. To me it combines the enthusiasm of a new investor – Chambers just bought into Airware and is on their Board – with the lessons learned over decades at Cisco innovating in enterprise IT.
It is clear that the entrance of Chambers and Brian Krzanich of Intel will add some gravitas to the industry and begin to move the focus from flying to sensors and the massive amounts of data that will be generated.



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