Drone-related projects by enterprise IT and networking vendors are all over the map, which isn’t surprising since unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are so useful for flying from here to there. Here’s a whirlwind tour of commercial drone-related projects discussed publicly by familiar enterprise IT and networking vendors.

Microsoft Research worked with Johns Hopkins, University of Pittsburgh and St. George’s University researchers in Grenada to use drone-enabled mosquito traps.

IBM’s Bluemix enables fast and secure cloud apps development, including for the Internet of Things…which includes drones.

Hard to resist a drone playing ping pong. But the T.J. Watson Research Center’s drone competition system isn’t all fun and games: computer vision, energy-efficient computation, object tracking, motion dynamics are all being
explored here.

Verizon is among the outfits, also including startups like Airware and universities such as San Jose State, helping NASA come up with a way for the FAA to monitor, manage and safeguard the increasingly drone-filled skies.

Cisco and Dimension Data are partnering to protect Rhinos from poachers in a South African game reserve in part by using drones with infrared cameras to keep an eye on suspicious activity. The companies have also built a secure network, including WiFi hotspots, to conduct surveillance and analyze data.

For the full rhino story, check out the ad campaign here.

Qualcomm, which is building Snapdragon processors to power drones and other robotic devices, invited 10 startups to hunker down at its San Diego campus for a few months last year – and tossed $1 million-plus into the mix — to accelerate their businesses.

Interesting survey piece which really gives a sense of how much stuff is happening worldwide and how many directions people are going.



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