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‘Quadcopter’ Enduro 1 conquers the English Channel

A team from commercial drone company Ocuair says it's celebrating a double feat after claiming the drone, named Enduro 1, also nailed a new...

Safety and privacy are the top concerns in Australia

In Australia, unmanned aerial vehicles – or drones – are now being used by the police in most states as a tool to help...

The Game of Drones – At Better App Stores Everywhere

I'm sending you off on a whirlwind of deadly, quite deadly, and very deadly missions! I’ve created an array of delivery drones to make...

Drones Are Transforming Curb Appeal

Your local realtor might have a new trick up their sleeve very soon: Using drones for aerial photography of sprawling properties. The practice is...

Roasting your Holiday Turkey

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmD3rXUR1Tw Nice to see a leading retailer, Hobby King, promoting this video on YouTube. Strapping a flamethrower to a drone could soon be illegal in the...

MMC – Specialized and Service Oriented

    Although the consumer drone market is growing dramatically, MMC, a DJI offshoot, is concentrating 100% of their efforts on the commercial market. MMC plans to: ...