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The ‘What’s Wrong With RID?’ issue of Dronin’ On

Hi all – When I first read the Remote ID (RID) NPRM I described it as a ‘fairy tale’. Then I described it as a...

Perspective: RID and Law Enforcement Dronin’ On 01.18.20

Hi all - The Remote ID NPRM has unleashed a storm of public discussion. As I go to 'press' there are over 7,000 comments which...

The “It’s A RID” issue of Dronin’ On 12.28.19

Hi all - Was going to let you relax and enjoy the week but thought it important to let you know that the FAA has...

The ‘Soaring Twenties’ issue of Dronin’ On 12.21.19

Hi all - This is a look at the 2020s, and some of the issues that I think will shape the decade. It's about getting...

The ‘Work In Progress’ issue of Dronin’ On 10.05.19

Hi all - Hope this finds you well. Some timely articles have crossed my screen that I wanted to share. Comments on the FAA's implementation...

InterDrone 2019 Policy Day videos

In November of 2018, the InterDrone Conference Chair Katie Flash invited me (Christopher Korody if we haven't met) to participate in a new idea...