AT&T and Intel have agreed to test how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly referred to as drones, work on a network designed to connect devices on the ground. Intel and AT&T will be working to solve major issues in the space, including connectivity. Attendees will get a first look at the Intel Drone Zone
in Barcelona.

Features like a live view of cameras and sensors on the drone or operating it beyond line of sight require a reliable nationwide network for connectivity. The AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) team and the AT&T Foundry innovation center in Palo Alto, Calif., will be working with Intel to evaluate performance of the LTE network at higher altitudes.

They will be testing to see how it affects video streaming, transmitting telematics and flight information. At Mobile World Congress, Intel will show off the Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel RealSense™ Technology UAV, which will stream video and telematics from the air over LTE and use the AT&T core network.

Look out – from Intel, the people who brought you WiFi – and AT&T, the people who (still) bring you the dial tone. This ought to get things moving.


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