In the next 30 years, the American population will increase by 70 million, to 390 million people. Thanks in part to all the crap those new people will order from Amazon, freight volume will grow 45 percent, to 29 billion tons a year, according to a February report by the DOT. We are not well equipped for that.

Our roads and bridges are crumbling, and we’re not setting aside the money to fix them. Trucks, which move nearly 70 percent of American freight, already waste $27 billion a year in time and fuel while stuck in traffic. Those trucks, BTW, aren’t going electric anytime soon. We need new ways to transport people and the stuff they crave, and drones can help out.

This isn’t an out-there opinion—even the feds are on board. “The
stress on our freight system is increasing,” US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx tells WIRED. “We have to look at other ways to move.” In a recent interview, Foxx said the DOT is looking at “the potential commercial uses of drones as a reliever of the surface transportation system.” Uses like Prime Air.

Kind of a think piece – well thoughtful anyway…


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