AMA has not changed its position. We continue to be disappointed with the registration rule and believe it is contrary to Congress’s intent within the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, which is part of the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act. We have been working with our legal counsel and the FAA to find a solution for our members on the registration rule.

To date, we have achieved several concessions from the FAA that will help ease this process for our members.

However, we want to emphasize that this is not the end of our efforts to protect AMA members from this unnecessary and burdensome regulation. We are continuing to explore all legal and political options available, but these conversations may take time and a long-term solution is unlikely before the February 19 registration deadline.

For this reason, we are suggesting that AMA members may wish to take advantage of free registration period, which is available until January 19.

Good for the AMA. Much more concerning are other double standards that are in effect and are clearly detailed in this article:
  • fly with FPV,
  • fly at night,
  • fly above 400′,
  • fly greater then 55 pounds,
  • AMA hull number instead of an FAA hull number
This puts a ridiculous burden on local law enforcement who will no doubt refer to local and state statutes first. The only logical outcome is to unify the code by upgrading everybody to the same standard. Seems like the AMA has driven the stake deep in the ground…

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