Singapore-based ALAS Pte Ltd aims to be the first company in the world to offer a free drone navigation system integrated with insurance for all users.

ALAS, which stands for Airspace Localisation and Avoidance System, already has the technology to make multiple autonomous drone flights safe and is already in talks with insurance partners to work out a scheme where users can purchase inexpensive insurance packages.

The company showcased its capabilities at a regional symposium for aviation industry players and regulators in Singapore last week.

“ALAS is a one-stop solution for users and civil aviation regulators to safely and efficiently use the sky. The platform provides critically useful information on safety and drone regulations. It provides path optimization for autonomous systems to ensure that they reach their destination safely and efficiently, avoiding other drones and obstacles along the way. This system is both very appealing to the insurance market as well as to drone users as a risk control measure.” ALAS CTO Dr Rubio Hervas said.

“At the rate that the drone industry is growing, soon enough, our skies will be teeming with millions of drones. How do all the millions of drones operated by many different commercial or private drone operators fly safely without colliding? Hence the birth of ALAS,” explained ALAS CEO, Zala Pogorelcnik.

“After much research, we found that there isn’t a single company which offers both a drone navigation system and insurance coverage, so we decided that we would fill that gap. Although still a work-in-progress, our insurance will be fuss-free. With a simple click-through, users can purchase insurance directly via the software, making it as convenient as possible” she added.

Not sure whether to put this under Insurance, Technology or Business. And I am not going to go so far as to call this a revolutionary marketing insight – it’s more a strategy – because in my mind this is apples and oranges. On the other hand smoothies are good right?
According to the website the team has been invited to participate in the Global UTM Standardization Group. And while the devil is always in the details, the ALAS Feature list seems to address most concerns.
Be interesting to see how this plays out. Certainly the event was great exposure for the concept.



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