aerial view of cranberry bog
Cranberry bogs – photo George Steinmetz for The New York Times

Our industrialized food system nourishes more people, at lower cost, than any comparable system in history.

It also exerts a terrifyingly massive influence on our health and our environment. Photographer George Steinmetz spent nearly a year traveling the country to capture that system, in all its scope, grandeur and dizzying scale. His photographs are all the more remarkable for the fact that so few large food producers are willing to open themselves to this sort of public view.

CAPTION FOR THE PHOTO Cranberry cultivation began in Massachusetts, and it still brings to mind quaint images of New England. But the bogs that farmers have created in Wisconsin can be more efficient – they’re both flatter and neatly rectangular, making them easier for machines to fertilize, irrigate and harvest.

George Steinmetz is a photographer who specializes in aerial photography. He has published several books of his photographs, including “New York Air,” a documentation of all five boroughs of New York City from above.

Part of a New York Times Magazine special issue Food Issue. No word as to whether any drones were used, though there are a number of shots that seem likely candidates. Just a beautiful portfolio though it’s not likely to do a lot for
your appetite.

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