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What Was That?Christopher Korody

I am an award-winning marketing strategist, writer, director and producer. I have founded three event marketing agencies, and have worked as the Senior Creative Director for Dick Clark Corporate Communications, and Vice President and Senior Creative Director for Jack Morton Worldwide, an Interpublic Group agency.

I am now focusing my 45+ years of marketing experience on the I provide strategy, research and content for the UAV, IoT and robotics industries. Curating this website is one way that I ensure that I have the domain expertise that is essential to your success.

My interest in drones combines my experience in aerospace, consumer electronics and high tech. My client list starts with Apple and Steve Jobs and ends with Xerox. Along the way, it stops at innovative places like BMW, Boeing, Cisco, Intel, Porsche, the USAF and Rockwell. I have helped each of these companies to launch their products, showcase their technologies and spotlight their senior executives.

I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Masters in Instructional Design. My big break came when Rockwell Space Systems Group hired my company to produce a multi-image show to promote the Space Shuttle at AIAA. Our early success led to decades of assignments for aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics and high-tech leaders at venues as diverse as CES, the Paris Air Show and the Shanghai World Expo.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing how to best achieve your goals. Until then I thank you for your interest and invite you to subscribe to Dronin’ On.

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