Today is the 46th Earth Day. So what better time to examine how drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are being used to safeguard our precious planet and its inhabitants. From climate change research and erosion monitoring to animal counting and species identification, the list of projects that drones are now used on is huge, and it continues to grow by the day.

Below are seven great examples of how senseFly drones have been employed around the world — we hope you find them as interesting as we do!

1. Mapping the Philippines after a typhoon

2. Counting grey seals in Canada

3. Reducing nitrogen usage on a Russian farm

4. Counting sharks in the Seychelles

5. Water mapping in Chad

6. Using drones to map a sensitive Australian heritage site

7. Counting turtles in Indonesia

Props to the editorial team at Waypoint who came up with this very tasteful, totally on brand idea to celebrate Earth Day. Each is an interesting story – taken together they subtly reinforce senseFly’s  international presence and contribution.


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