Micro UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee meetings are underway this week with active participation from AUVSI. The committee, tasked with developing performance standards and requirements for operations over people, is made up of government and industry partners.
According to the committee’s official charter, it will be responsible for the following:

“1. Develop recommendations for a performance-based standard for the classification of micro UAS. In developing the recommendation, the micro UAS ARC should consider, at a minimum, current and past research on human injury thresholds, hazard and risk assessment methodologies, and acceptable levels of risk to persons not directly participating in the operation.

2. Identify means-of-compliance for manufacturers to show that unmanned aircraft meet the performance-based safety requirement. The ARC should evaluate the use of consensus standards as a means of compliance, developing standardized test methods, and other means to demonstrate compliance with the standard. The ARC should also consider and recommend how the FAA and manufacturers should determine compliance with the performance-based standard.

3. Recommend operational requirements for micro UAS appropriate to the recommended performance-based safety requirement.”

The committee will develop and submit a report by April 1, 2016.

Insane. Hopefully there is a ton of staff available. You can download the FAA document here.

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