The drone pilot handed Kerker the goggles and controller. “I did about two laps of the field and said, ‘shut up and take my money,’” says Kerker.

As one of the few international DRL pilots, Kerker comes from a different culture of drone enthusiasts. “The DRL is the best organized and most professional drone racing league out there,” he emphasizes. “No one else is doing events like this in terms of concept and level; there are no competitors.”

Even when asked about his rivals, Kerker gave a composed response. “All the pilots in the DRL are there for a reason — they are fast, so anyone can step up and take it. We are all on the same learning curve flying new drones and crazy tracks, so it’s the pilot that adapts the best that’s going to take it.”

A fascinating interview with one of the early stars of the DRL. Sad to say, Ross didn’t win at Dubai this year.

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