If 2015 had anything to say about drones, it’s this: They’re coming.

Whether the topic was military drones operating overseas, or examining how to regulate the growing presence of private and commercial drones in U.S., drones emerged as the unavoidable topic about future tech. But, as recent events have proven, that future is now.

2016 will be the dawn of real robotics, now equipped with official, government backed rules, entering the U.S. mainstream before autonomous cars or humanoid robot assistants find their way into the lives of most citizens.

  • Will 2016 see the first police force involved in a fatal incident involving a suspect and a department drone?
  • Will a major airline suffer an accident due to the wayward flight path of an amateur drone?
  • Is it really time for insurance companies to add a clause that includes injury from drones falling out of the sky?

That we’re even seriously asking such questions tells us that we’re entering a new era in which drones are no longer toys, but a real technology poised to impact every aspect of our lives.

Very solid summary piece. I particularly liked this quote:
“The challenge is that the rules are being written as the use of drones rises. Regulations and industry are being reactionary,” says Mike Kelly, of ProSight Specialty Insurance, a firm that offers drone insurance.
“We can’t be reactionary in innovation. If we are going to change the landscape of industries with the use of drones, rules have to support that innovation.”

From mashable.com

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