An overhead view of the Mengzhuiwan pool in Chengdu, Sichuan province in China.

Thanks to ever-improving camera technology, even low-cost drones can take some pretty stunning images. To help show off some of the best drone imagery out there, drone company DJI this year created SkyPixel, “a dedicated platform for aerial photographers and filmmakers from around the world.” To celebrate SkyPixel’s first year running, the site is holding what it bills as the world’s biggest aerial photography contest.

The grand prize includes a cutting edge drone setup, including one of DJI’s drones and cameras as well as editing software and a Zeiss virtual reality headset to see through the eyes of the drone in-flight. Submissions will close on Dec. 27; winners will be announced Jan. 1. Above, see some of the most beautiful drone images on SkyPixel, as curated by TIME.

Some cool pix and yet another win for DJI.


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