Although the FAA’s legal authority over this issue is questionable and although this applies to anyone flying drones only within certain weight guidelines for hobby or recreational use outdoors, there are a
number of reasons you should register in the next 10 days, even if these particular circumstances do not apply to you.

Got to admit this is a novel approach – sort of future proofing. I am particularly partial to this one.

8. You’re Forced to Take Responsibility, And That’s a Good Thing

Unless your drone completely burns up in a fiery demise, you can and will be held accountable for any actions you take that go beyond the scope of what’s afforded you by law and that could or do cause injury to others. Some might say that registration is therefore not in your best self-interest, but that’s really only true if any morsel of a code of ethics or morals aren’t a part of your self-interest.

From fstoppers.com

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